Vietnamese coffee is our expertise

We've involved with coffee since Doi Moi 1986 when our relatives joined 'kinh te moi' (new economy programs) in the Central Highlands.

Our Story

Farms Direct

We source coffee beans directly from our partnered farms across famous coffee growing regions throughout Vietnam. Our experts work closely with farmers to blend rich-aromatic coffee cups of quality.

World's Local Coffee

With more than 20 years of experience in the world's coffee industry, we have already cupped excellent coffee cups around the world in order to make world's local coffees. We care about the local tastes.

All-in-one Services

Our roast masters not only possess hands-on experiences of coffee consumption trends in a specific market but also offer an all-in-one service for private label/OEM coffee. We "live" coffee and put our heart on services we offer. 

Our coffee partnered farmers cover growing regions reaching 5,000 hectares of rich fertile vocalnic soils throughout Viet Nam.
5,000 hectares contribute approximately a supply capacity of 20,000 tons of green coffee beans per year & keep increasing.
1,500 tons per year is our roasting capacity for roasted coffee beans with modern hot air coffee roasters which create beatiful roasting profiles.
We offer a wide range of instant coffee & coffee mixes of different blendings & profiles, the yearly compound supply about 2,000 tons

Green Coffee

Arabica | Robusta | Peaberry

Green coffee beans are raw, unroasted coffee beans, many processing methods available.

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Instant Coffee

Spray-dried | Freeze-dried | Liquid

Instant coffee or soluble coffee is quick, immediate & convenient serving.

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Roasted & Ground

Arabica | Robusta | Peaberry

Roasted & Ground coffee powder with different roasting profiles.

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Coffee Mixes

2, 3, 4 in 1 | cappucino | latte 

Also include white & black coffee 2in1, coconut 3in1 coffee and so on. 

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OEM Coffee

  • Contract sourcing services Climate change & pandemic are challenging coffee industry day by day, which threats global coffee supply chain. Taking a strong networking with local partnered coffee farms as an advantage allows us to offer a very strong contract sourcing service for world's coffee buyers.

  • O.E.M Coffee Production
    Our o.e.m coffee production is the strong point where your demand meet our expertise for coffee production. Don't be hestiate to contact us for any ideas on o.e.m coffee production!

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Private Label Services

  • Private label for roasted & ground coffee
    Roasted coffee wholebeans and ground coffee under your trademarks (brand names) with most popular sizes, eg. pouches, gusset bags, etc.

  • Private label for instant coffee
    Instant coffee powder & freeze-dried coffee under sachets (sticks), pouches, jars, etc. of all sizes.

  • Private label for coffee mixes (2in1, 3in1, 4in1, etc.)
    Coffee mixes of any-in-one like 2in1 (white, black), 3in1, 4in1, cappuccino, latte. Coffee mixes for niche markets like coconut 3in1 coffee, durian 3in1 coffee or ginseng-added, collagen-added coffee mixes. Most preferred package is small sachets, sticks which are perfect for retail.

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Consultancy & Tours

  • New coffee products consultancy
    The world of coffee consumption is too beautiful and tremendous for us to create new amazing recipes. As a pro-rated coffee producer, we are always 100% willing to research new coffee products for you.

  • Single coffee growing origin consultancy
    Vietnam vividly grow a lot of coffee. But the opportunity for quality improvements and building a symbolic single origin still remain. With the knowledge of Vietnam's local coffee productions which we understand village to village, farm to farm, We are confident to support to market a single origin of your own coffee brand which might be simply a single farm or a little bit bigger such as a single hill or a single mountain.

  • Coffee tours & Farms tours
    Coffee tours including coffee farm experiencing are definitely amazing and fantastic! Our team offers tours of different choices or tailored tours that will suit your ideas.

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Your ideas

Anytime an idea comes to your mind, just write it down. It might be a start for an amazing coffee brand. Of course, a coffee brand of your own!

Perfect design

A perfect coffee needs a perfect design. Designs reflect your personality. So does coffee. Just draw what you dream! And just brew like the way you are.

Our good coffee

Your bags of a perfect design with our good coffee inside. We have many good blendings of coffee for your dream coffee brand at your choice.

Great brand

Start easily with any ideas about coffee, visualize them with a perfect design, and we will take care the rest for your great coffee brand.

Beans + Ground

Freshly roasted coffee beans & ground.


Arabica is rich in aroma, more citrus, more acidity and lower caffeine.


Robusta is more bitter, full bodied, robust (strong & bold) and higher caffeine. Cupping profile is monotonous.


Peaberry is one-seeded coffee bean and typically contribute an extra-bold taste.

Pure Instant Coffee

Pure instant coffee for instant serving.

Spray - Dried

Spray-dried instant coffee is in powder with a very classic taste.

Freeze - Dried

This is the revolutionary instant coffee which keeps the natural coffee flavor, taste and aroma.

Coffee Liquid (Syrup)

Or in other words, syrup, concentrate which keeps the freshly-brewed coffee.

Instant Coffee Mixes

Pure instant coffee & any mixes you like.

2 in 1 Coffee

White coffee 2in1: coffee & creamer; Black coffee 2in1: coffee & sugarcane.

3 in 1 Coffee

3 in 1 coffee: coffee + creamer + sugarcane, coconut, cocoa powder might be supplemented.

Cappuccino, Latte ...

A wide range of 3 in 1 coffee which is supplemented with cappu creamer topping.

Since 1986 growing coffee in Doi Moi.

We love coffee. We’d love to hear from you.

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