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We supply green coffee from Viet Nam

Coffee is one of the main exporting commodities of Vietnam which brings around 3 billion dollars a year to the country. With more than 20 years of continuous efforts, the country has already been known as the world’s second largest coffee manufacturer and the world’s #1 robusta coffee exporter. Yearly, Vietnam exports millions of tons of green coffee beans to serve the world.

Doing business in a country of more than 70% of people those who live in the rural areas, WSCAFE understands that agriculture is the key competitive edge of Vietnam on global markets. As a wholesale coffee supplier, we focus on trading green coffee beans because Vietnamese green coffee beans possess a lot of competitiveness on the world’s markets in terms of supply abilities, abundant sourcing channels, and good quality of coffee beans, always-low-price trend and governmental supports.

The first thing to say is that Vietnamese green coffees are rich in supply abilities. Our annual production capacities recently are always above 1 million metric tons of green coffee beans of all types. Most amazingly, the country’s export volumes of green coffees exceeded its limitation to reach 1.76 million metric tons and 3.74 billion dollars in value last year 2012 which increased 40.3% in volume and 36.0% in value as compared to the year of 2011 respectively. Vietnamese raw coffee beans are also exported to many countries all over the world and it is very easy to realize that many coffee cups that are consumed on earth everyday contain some Vietnamese coffees.

Vietnam's green coffee with worldwide coverage

As the world's second largest coffee producer, Vietnamese green coffee is being exported to many parts of the world.

The country's coffee production covers most common types of coffee from arabica to robusta, excelsa and specialty coffee, eg. Bourbon, Caturra, Mocha, etc.

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Our main markets for green coffee are Germany and the United States and keep expanding

Having said that the US and Germany are the two main markets of Vietnamese green coffees (or in other word, Vietnamese raw coffee beans in American English). By seeing some traditional markets like Europe where most European countries buy coffee beans from Vietnam origins says ICO – international coffee organization – reports, South Korea and Japan, WSCAFE does see an increasing demand for coffee beans from coffee companies in China, Russia and India. In addition, as a coffee supplier at wholesale price, our company possesses many different sourcing channels of green coffee beans. We have a close relationship with coffee bean suppliers from most part of Central Highlands which account for 90% of coffee exports of the country.

We also do business with local farmers those whose have grown their certified coffees such as Organic green coffee, 4C green coffee, UTZ green coffee, Rainforest Alliance green coffee, Fair Trade green coffee since we have already found an noticeable interest of coffee buyers worldwide.

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Our green unroast coffee beans are of good & consistent quality

Another advantage of green coffee beans from Vietnam origins is that our green raw coffee beans are good at quality. Central Highlands, our main coffee growing areas, are very suitable for planting coffee trees, especially robusta coffee. Although arabica coffees were first introduced into Vietnam, nowadays robusta coffee brings the country the name of world’s second largest coffee producer. Central Highlands is a coffee growing region which has a lot of basaltic soils rich in red and yellow colors and perfect climate of two separate seasons – dry season and rainy season together with an ideal altitude of 500 – 1,000 meter above the sea. Moreover, in our point of view as a wholesale coffee trader, WSCAFE believes that Vietnamese coffee farmers are one among hardest-working men on earth. They take care their coffee trees very carefully, they create many good habits of planting coffee and water storage and pumping as well, contributing to the high quality of coffee beans.

Unique soils contribute excellent tastes of Viet Nam’s raw coffees

Thanks to climate and soil advantages and good coffee seeds, Vietnamese green coffee is of around 2.7 metric tons per ha (hectare) at average production capacity, even some new coffee plants that our scientists create can reach around 5 to 7 metric tons per ha with beans size up to 25gram each. Those keep our coffee always-low-price. Much more than that, wholesale coffee exporters like us can have much more advantages on exporting green coffees because our exporting taxes of agriculture commodities are very low, enabling us deliver good quality coffees to more and more respective customers all around the world. Nevertheless, the country considers agriculture and IT as its main core values for global competitiveness.

As a coffee company doing business in green coffees of Vietnam origins, we would very much like to contribute our efforts to increase the country’s coffee value in global coffee value chains by delivering good quality coffee beans sourcing from different types of coffee sourcing channels. In addition to that, WSCAFE always guarantees the wholesale prices of our coffees in order to transform good quality Vietnamese coffees onto coffee lover’s tables worldwide.

Buy our green coffee products today

Farms Direct. We buy green coffee beans directly from local coffee farms across Viet Nam.

Bulk Supply. We can offer orders of all sizes and all volumes from different origins.

Customized & Localized. Best coffee beans from # origins that suit your localized tastes.

Wholesale Always. We know prices are sensitive and beneficial to our customers.

Our green coffee product ranges

  1. Green arabica coffee beans include arabica of different sizes and grades.
  2. Green robusta coffee beans include robusta of different sizes and grades.
  3. Specialty green coffee beans include single origin or single estate coffee beans such as Da Lat, Buon Ma Thuot, etc.