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This is WSCAFE – the wholesale coffee company from Vietnam.

What is WSCAFE – the wholesale coffee company about?

WSCAFE is one of Vietnam’s leading wholesale coffee company which supplies wholesale coffee products & services to meet any demand on coffee by delivering a total solution on coffee industry.

  • Wholesale coffee supplier. As our brand name indicates that wscafe is the abbreviation of wholesale [w/s] and café, we specialize in supplying coffee at wholesale prices only.
  • Focus on coffee. As a wholesale coffee supplier, wscafe focuses on coffee business only. As you may know, Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee exporter and delivers around more than 1.5 million metric tons of green coffees a year to the global coffee lovers. The company aims at delivering Vietnam’s good quality processed coffees in order to increase Vietnamese coffee values in the global coffee value chain.
  • Towards ‘best-in-class’ service. As one of leading wholesale coffee suppliers in Vietnam, wscafe will always try its best to deliver best-in-class services to its respective customers nationwide and worldwide. We believe that best-in-class service must be built on good quality coffees we deliver, wholesale coffee prices we offer, latest coffee news we inform and diversified solutions we improve.
  • Large – quantities affordable. Large quantities supply guaranteed. Fortunately, thanks to doing business in Vietnam – the world’s second largest coffee producer, wscafe has a wide choice of different coffee materials which help us secure our supply ability of processed coffees. In addition, we offer a very wide range of coffees from green coffee beans to roasted coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee and instant coffee mix.
  • Built – in solutions. Not only we concentrate on wholesale coffee supply but also wscafe wants to expand its business services such as private label coffees or buyer label coffees to make ease for its customers. We do offer private label coffee for wholesalers, retailers, supermarkets, and convenient stores, etc. Wscafe aims to become a professional wholesale coffee supplier which connects different types of coffee manufacturing services with real-time tracking software in the near future.

Who are we?

Wscafe is a business division run and managed by Vaima Company Limited. Its main function is to deliver good quality Vietnamese coffees to the world’s prospective buyers at a wholesale price. As its name indicates, wscafe means wholesale + café. The word “wholesale” is normally abbreviated as w/s. As a wholesale coffee supplier, wscafe aims at connecting global buyers with Vietnamese good quality coffee products in order to increase Vietnamese coffee values in global coffee value chains.

WSCAFE is the wholesale coffee company from Vietnam.

Wscafe’s Vision

The short – term vision of wscafe is to become one of Vietnam – leading wholesale coffee suppliers in the next five years (by 2018) by delivering good quality processed coffees at a wholesale price and executing best – in – class services.

Wscafe.com will visualize the vision by:

  1. Delivering best – in – class services,
  2. Serving orders of any quantities needed,
  3. Offering good quality coffees at a wholesale price,
  4. Focusing on small and medium sized global coffee buyers,
  5. Informing latest coffee news and updates for valued customers to have real – time market understanding,
  6. Applying powerful, uniformed and smart technologies including premium software and websites to make ease for customers,
  7. Striving for meeting customer’s rising demand and keeping on – track of global coffee consuming trends such as certified coffees and specialty coffees.

About Vaima

  • Vaima. Vietnam Agricultural International Marketing Agency focuses on marketing Vietnamese agricultural products and commodities to global buyers. As its name indicates, Vaima takes the country’s competitive advantages on high – tech agriculture and Information Technology. Vaima starts up its business in search for opportunities in Vietnam’s agriculture which has in theory absolute competitive advantage on global business economies. The country has a long – lasting agricultural activities, nearly 70% of farmers among its populations, nature – benefitted infrastructures including rich soils, long – spreading sea sides and suitable rainforest – like climate of a tropical land and hard – working farmers with passion and experience although the country’s agriculture industry has not been modernized to the extent that it should be.
  • Its vision. With a long – term vision to be a leading company in delivering marketing services to Vietnamese agricultural products and commodities, Vaima focuses on manufacturing agricultural products, marketing Vietnamese agricultural products and commodities and delivering high and excellent technologies applied in agriculture.
  • As an agro-product supplier, Vaima strives for meeting demand of global buyers with Vietnamese agricultural products and commodities. The company focuses on main exporting commodities including coffee, rice, tea, cashew, pepper, rubber and aquaculture products.
  • At first, the company executes its best performance to become a leading wholesale coffee supplier in its field by delivering high quality coffee products including green coffee beans, roasted coffee beans, ground coffees, instant coffees, 3 in 1 instant coffees and specialty coffees.
  • Our vision is to become a company that interprets Vietnamese agricultural commodities into world’s quality standard, to enhancing agro-products that meet global standards by delivering high quality products, excellent marketing services, cutting edge technologies applicable in agriculture that drive quality, capacities and green – eco farming.