What is Vietnamese green arabica coffee?

Vietnam has a long history of growing arabica coffee.

What are our green arabica coffee beans?

Although the production of green arabica coffee beans in Vietnam is not as much as robusta coffee beans, it is good in quality and has a stable development on capacity year-by-year. Vietnam’s arabica also has well-known growing areas which are equivalent to world’s famous arabica coffee planting areas. Several areas such as Cau Dat of Lam Dong province, A Luoi of Thua Thien Hue, Buon Ma Thuot City of Daklak province and Chieng Ban of Son La province have excellent arabica coffee beans which can be considered as specialty coffees or single estate coffees.

WSCAFE’s green coffee processing factory in Lam Dong, Central Highlands, Viet Nam


Where are the origins of WSCAFE’s green arabica coffee beans?

As a wholesale coffee supplier with strong partnership with different green coffee beans sourcing channels throughout Vietnam, wscafe sets its own criteria to get finest green arabica coffee beans from its qualified and trusted suppliers and local farmers. Average annual supply capacity: 60,000 MT of green arabica coffee per year.

  • Our main growing areas: Lam Dong province (Central Highlands), Daklak province (Central Highlands), Son La province (North – western areas).
  • Our well-known planting origins: Cau Dat district (Lam Dong province); A Luoi district (Thua Thien Hue province) and Chieng Ban commune (Son La province).

Viet Nam is now expanding the arabica production upto 200,000 metric tons per year; thus, our sourcing origin for arabica coffee is still counting.

WSCAFE’s green arabica coffee beans in 60kg jute bags, ready for export.


What are our quality for green arabica coffee beans?

We offer high quality arabica coffee beans. The quality of the beans varies from natural drying, fully washing, and honey processing which cover most common cupping profiles of coffee buyers worldwide.

  • Arabica varieties: Catimor.
  • Sieve (screening): screen #18, screen #16.
  • Standard: conformed to Vietnamese standard for green coffee beans export: TCVN 4193:2005 which was released by Cafecontrol and approved by ICO (International Coffee Organization).


Commercial specifications parameters of our green arabica coffee beans

We strictly follow the specific and measureable parameters for our raw arabica coffee supplies. These will help customers to be peace-of-mind on purchasing our coffee. Here are the basic standard:

  • Moisture (%): 12.0%max; **Foreign matter (%): 0.1%max; **Black (%): 0.1%max; **Broken (%): 0.5%max; **On-sieve (%): 90%>= screen 18. Diameter of screen 18 is 7.1 mm.
  • Verification: independently verified by Cafecontrol upon customer’s request.

Green arabica coffee beans on drying yards

Green arabica coffee beans are being dried naturally

We use African beds to dry the green arabica coffee beans


Sourcing origin(s)

All origins are from Viet Nam which consists of Lam Dong, Son La, Dien Bien, and Quang Tri, etc.


Main sourcing origin: Lam Dong which has famous arabica coffee growing districts including Cau Dat, Duc Trong, Bao Loc (or B’lao) is a province in Central Highlands region.

Lam Dong’s key facts:

Lam Dong is very suitable to grow arabica coffee trees.

  • Altitude/ Heights: Lam Dong lies in Langbian plateau which is known as the highest plateau in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. It has 1,500 meter above sea level.
  • Its main mountains include (1) Yang Bong mt (1,749m above sea level – asl); (2) Dan Se Na mt (1,950m asl); (3) Langbiang mt (2,163m asl); (4) Hon Giao mt (1,948m asl).
  • Two main cities: (1) Da Lat (1,475m asl) and (2) Bao Loc (or B’lao – 1,000m asl).
  • Climate: tropical monsoon; two seperate seasons: rainy season (from May to November) and dry season (from December to April); average rain fall (mm) 1,750 – 3,150mm/ year. Yearly average temperature (oC): 18 – 25oC.
  • Suitable conditions for growing arabica coffee trees: (1) altitude/ height: above 1,000m asl; (2) temperature: 16 – 25oC and (3) rainfall: above 1,000mm/ year.

Basically, it is a mountainous area which has a lot of mountains, rainfalls, hills and lakes.

Green arabica coffee beans are stocked for export orders


Purchasing terms & conditions

  • Year harvest/ Crop year: Newest.
  • Origins: Central Highlands, Vietnam.
  • Supply abilities: upon customer’s request.
  • Samples: free sample, but customers pay shipment fee via couriers.
  • Packaging: 60 Kilogram/ bag. Bags are PP or jute bags
  • Delivery: from 7 days to 15 days after the date of payment released.
  • Minimum order: 1 metric ton (~ 1,000 kilogram).
  • Container loading: 320 bags x 60 kg to fill up 1 container 20ft FCL.


Quality & sizes available

  1. Arabica screen size #18
  2. Arabica screen size #16
  3. Arabica screen size #13

Please email us or drop us a message via live chat box at the bottom for the latest quote of green arabica coffee beans.

Or text us directly via mobile/viber/whatsapp: +84902219192 or skype: wscafecom for further discussion.

What is Vietnamese green arabica coffee?
Quyen Nguyen Van March 24, 2024
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